How it Works

Moonexchange token is a token based on upcoming

Work Process

We built a platform to buy and sell the Token.

The token can be buy now on diffrend platforms like pancakeswap

  • We guarantee 0% fee when exchange is going online

  • All our holders get 2% dividend Payed on BNB

  • Low buy/sell fee at the moment

Best Features

Safe & Secure
Safe & Secure

All moonexchange customers will be protected according to the guidelines around their privacy.

Early Bonus
Token Reward

Each moonexchange token holder will automatically receive 2% Busd reward in their wallet on every transaction, the more you hold the more reward.

Univarsal Access
Univarsal Access

Each account on the exchange will have its own login, it may not be shared.

Secure Storage
Secure Storage

for now its based on several secure wallets like metamask, trust wallet ect, later it will be secured on own exchange

Low Cost
Low Cost

trading the coin on the exchange will not cost a fee, making it attractive to own at a 2% busd reward.

Several Profit
Several Profit

Moonexchange will put 5% of their profit back into the token so that the holders will get more profit.

The Timeline

Here you can find the roadmap of moonexchange token

Our Team

Our team consists of different people, many of these people work in the background on our exchange and are therefore not mentioned here, a large team of developers to deliver the exchange as good and accurate

team member
Joey T

Designer, owner and fulltime app development

team member
Maarten V

Owner, Full time marketing and website editor

Token Sale

Here's an overview of the progress of the tokens

  • 98.2% Locked Tokens
  • 1.8% Sale (Will be filled up to 50% the rest will be burnt out of profit form the exchange )